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Automated License Plate Recognition (DRN®)

Advanced Recovery of New York employs a technology developed by Digital Recognition Network. As an affiliate of DRN®, our vehicles are equipped with infrared cameras (above left) that are able to "read" the license plates of both parked and moving vehicles. This system creates a historical database of each plate and the GPS location of where the plate was scanned for future reference. Accounts assigned to us are immediately matched against our historical database of over 500,000 plates to see if the unit has been spotted in the past.

Advanced Recovery of NY

Recovery Database Network (RDN®)

Locating your lost collateral is not the only step in the process. Good communications with our clients is also key. Advanced Recovery utilizes a recovery system that our clients can access, at their convenience, over the internet. Recovery Database Network is an online recovery system that tracks all aspects of the recovery process. Your employees can access updates, send notes back to our agents and assign new accounts without having to pick-up the phone or go to the fax machine

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